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mentoring, coaching church leaders

Coaching Church Leaders To Navigate

“Congratulations, you are the leader now. Go make it work!”

Ever heard those words? All leaders share this “baptism by fire.” The first time you were asked to lead in a church setting, you had probably never done that before. It was your first test. So congratulations! You must have done something right, because you’re still in the game. And now, you’re trying to figure out how to do the next thing right. Right?

Leadership Realities

The most important truth that we’ve discovered about leadership went something like this: “All leaders are learners. If you are still learning, then you are still qualified to lead. Whenever you stop learning, you stop leading. The reality is that you cannot lead someone farther than you’ve been able to go yourself. Once they pass you by, they become the real leader.”

I’ve spent the last thirty years of my life in leadership roles, studying high-impact leaders, and reading every book I could find on the subject. If you have a group of leaders in your church, and precious little is done to encourage and equip them, “Yikes!” Allow Briar Patch Consulting to help you make coaching church leaders a priority. When leaders are not equipped, something will happen in the near future that you won’t like. Whoever is in charge of the rudder, make sure they plan to avoid this iceberg.

Leaders don’t require you to do much for them in order to feel appreciated or believe that what they do really matters. But whoever has the responsibility of watching over the leaders should surpass what little expectations they have and offer them something great. Briar Patch Consulting conducts THRIVE conferences and retreats for established and emerging church leaders. We can do this on your church campus, or better yet, splurge. Schedule a retreat. Make it a day and plan lots of fun.

Our Unique Approach

One more thing, our subject matter doesn’t come prepackaged. In other words, we don’t show up with our agenda and natter on for a day about irrelevant topics. Let us know how the leaders in your church need to grow or be encouraged, and we’ll bake that cake. So hit us up with an email. We can discuss some dates and the issues we can address for your group. Coaching church leaders is one of our main passions!

Briar Patch Church Consulting exists to help leaders thrive in ministry and in the marketplace. Our specialized skill set includes a variety of technical capabilities as well, i.e., marketing, branding, webdesign, and SEO. We have over 30 years of experience in helping people overcome obstacles and set a new course in their ministries. Nothing matters more than the success of God’s Kingdom in the hearts and lives of men and women. Allow us to lead you beyond your present circumstances and toward a new day!

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