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James is not only a superb strategist, he is a seasoned leader. As his friend, I have had the opportunity to observe his outstanding communication skills and ministry diligence. I believe he has the unique and God-given gift of asking the questions that no one else is asking (the last 5% type questions). I have known James now for four years, most of which has been in the context of a close friendship and partner in ministry. We both served on an executive board together, and we have talked almost weekly since then either in person or on the phone. Without fail, he is one of the first friends I call when anything major happens in my life or ministry. I cannot recommend him any higher as a church consultant. He is both a great friend and a highly respected counselor/accountability partner in my own life.

Dr. Christopher Moody, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Beaumont, TX

When I think of James Shupp, I think of someone who is a man of integrity…what you do and say when no one is looking. He has all of his priorities in order…God, Family, Kingdom business. He's been around in church work and "knows his stuff," but more importantly, he is someone who listens and cares about what is going on in YOUR life. I've sat down with him on multiple occasions and he doesn't spend all of his time talking about what God is doing in his life or his church. He is sincerely interested in what God is doing in other's lives and churches. I highly recommend James and his ministry to you and your church. God has given him a unique perspective, a listening heart, a discerning spirit.

Tim Skaggs, Pastor
Coggin Avenue Baptist Church, Brownwood, TX

James Shupp is one of the finest Christians I know. He has a deep love for his faith and is a terrific role-model for this community. He is an outstanding individual with unlimited potential. He is bright, courteous, and an all-around awesome person. He is one of the finest individuals I have ever had the honor of calling my friend. Any church or organization would be blessed to have a man of James' integrity & character as their consultant.


Dan Corbett, President
British Society of Texas

I am so excited to see James offer his visionary talent to churches in need. In fact, even if you believe your church or ministry is doing just fine, I’m betting that James would be able to help you establish and reach new goals that you may never have considered. I have known James for over 15 years, and consider him a close friend and advisor. I first met James and worked closely with him while he served our church as pastor, and I credit him with growing the attendance from 2 modest services into 3 capacity-filled services, where you could truly experience the hope and outreach. And with James, it is not just a numbers game. He ensures the church establishes an identity and plan that will enable it to best serve God and be purposeful in the community, and that in turn produces growth, giving, and a very healthy church environment. I enjoy watching James’ tireless spirit at work, and I cannot overstate how much I value his wisdom and gifts for this calling (Romans 12:6-8).

David M. Kennedy, Attorney
Sherman, TX

I’ve known James Shupp for nearly 30 years. He is a proven church leader. James has the unique balance of a sharp mind and a warm, pastoral heart. The genuineness of his love for the Lord is evident. He also carries a passion for the local church – both the church where he serves and for churches seeking to advance the Kingdom of God. His variety of church experiences would prove of value to any size church ministry or to any church leader seeking wisdom, guidance, and encouragement in their next steps. In the ever-changing landscape of church ministry, it is vital to have ministry partnerships to aid in pursuing God-given mission. James Shupp and Briar Patch Church Consulting would prove to be such a strategic partnership.

Chad Selph, Pastor
First Baptist Church, Allen, TX

I have known James for many years. We go back to graduate school days, and I learned then what a bright man he is. He is very intelligent and has the mind of a scholar, but he also has a pastor's heart and genuinely cares for people. His passion is to see the church really be the church and love God, one another, and the lost. I highly recommend him to you, especially if you are in a place where you need some Godly counsel and a man of God to help you navigate through some troubled waters. I believe James would be an invaluable asset and provide excellent counsel to all who reach out to him. May God continue to bless and use James in mighty ways!

Dr. Danny Forshee, Pastor
Great Hills Baptist Church, Austin, TX

I am pleased to recommend James Shupp to your church. James has a unique set of skills that allow him to make a great impact in your church. His years as a pastor allow him to understand the dynamics of church life and how that impacts not only the ministry staff but the congregation as well. James has grown churches and reached people for Christ. He intimately understands the impact of ministry in the lives and families of the staff. You will benefit from his passion and experience.

Dr. Brad McLean, Pastor
First Baptist Church, New Braunfels, TX

James and I became acquaintances over 10 years ago and friends three years ago. He provided help and healing to my life when I needed it most. His extensive experience as a pastor and genuine concern for God and His people, make James an excellent consultant for your church. I heartily recommend him for any strategic church planning or staff team building initiatives.

Bruce Coe, Chaplin
The Women's Hospital of Texas

James Shupp and the Thrive Conferences literally changed our church forever. We were consistently averaging over 500 in attendance and had plateaued, until James got involved. His ideas are so simple that no matter what size of church you have, what religious or denominational background you come from, or even what size your offerings are, he will offer some very easy to grasp ways of revitalizing your church. The neat thing about James' advice to me was that what he said to me set on fire a revolution within our church that has now spread to our community and people are coming to see the fire. We have just recently had to move to two services and we now have ministry happening in some very unusual places. Oh yea, our attendance has increase to almost 700 in just three months. Please dear pastor, call James today and schedule a meeting. It could very well save you and your church from a horrible downhill slide.

Mike Miles, Pastor
The Church at Azle
Joshua 1:8

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