Helping Churches Thrive

Helping Churches Thrive

Are You Thriving Or Merely Surviving?

The primary goal of Briar Patch Consulting is “Helping Churches Thrive.” That may sound complex on the surface, but we understand the challenges involved in this arena. For instance, many churches have either plateaued or are in various stages of decline. The macro trends indicate that the majority of churches are treading water. People are fed up with hypocrisy in the pews, fraud in the pulpit, “religion as politics,” and old-school denominations. And who can blame them. You probably feel the same way too.

Even as the world has changed, our message is still the same. And while it’s supposed to be “good news,” it’s not viewed that way anymore by the average unchurched man or woman. So what’s the solution? It’s may not be as difficult as you imagine. In fact, here’s the key: Stop spending all your energy merely trying to survive!

The Spinning Plate Syndrome

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Every day is about figuring out how to keep all the plates spinning.” There are meetings galore, finances to monitor, staff to keep focused, disgruntled members to soothe, events to plan, and the list goes on. It’s really no fun, and you’re probably tired of living your life this way. We can tell you our own tales about going to the church office on Monday morning and praying that Jesus would return within the hour.

Here’s the reality. This is a defeatist way to live and serve God. There’s nothing more draining than trying to survive. You weren’t meant to live this way. The Bible is filled with promises about God prospering you, walking in victory, living a Spirit-filled life and being more than a conqueror.This is why “helping churches thrive is so important to us.

Our hope for you is that you spend some time trying to figure out what you want to do in the ministry, and embrace the courage to launch a new beginning. This is where Briar Patch Consulting enters the picture. We are thinkers and strategists, listeners, fiercely competitive, and a quick to make friends. We see where you are because we’ve been there before ourselves. And more importantly, we know the way back home.

New Beginnings

For instance, think of when you were first called by God to enter the ministry. The experience was fresh, exciting, and you were filled with a fire in your bones. But over time, these things were beaten out of you. Sadly, now you’re merely surviving. We would like to help you stop living this way, and learn how to start over fresh and new. Even more importantly, God desires this for you, too.

Let us help you navigate the path to rekindle your vision. Call or send us an email, and let’s begin a conversation. It’s no accident that you found our website. You might even call it a tiny miracle. Helping churches thrive is a passion for us.

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