James Shupp

James Shupp

Helping Leaders Thrive

James Shupp is a business consultant and pastor with over 30 years of experience. In addition, he is an FAA Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor and a Published Author. He’s been married to Cherry for 31 incredible years, and together they have two sons. He’s been the senior pastor of seven churches since the late 1980’s. He has raised millions of dollars for churches, led a staff of more than 100 employees, and experienced both the ups and downs of leadership. He holds a BA in Bible, an MDiv, and a ThM. To checkout James’ Linkedin profile, click here.

In Addition, James is a lifelong student. He loves learning across a variety of disciplines. His passion for analyzing organizational challenges and his outside-the-box approach toward problem solving have been key components to his success across the years. He loves a fresh challenge, a difficult problem, and to quote Winston Churchill, “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” James’ primary spiritual gift is leadership. His StrengthsFinder profile suggests that he possesses these characteristics: Competition, Ideation, Achiever, Focus, and Futurist.

The main reason James founded Briar Patch Consulting was “to help leaders thrive.” But there is another driving force that arises from deep within. He has a heart for pastors and church leaders. Over the years, he has witnessed several of his friends struggle in churches that were slowly dying from a variety of systemic ailments.

He puts it this way, “These are good men, Godly men with a calling and a passion for people. But many are suffering in silence, simply because it’s considered a taboo in the ministry to talk about a lack of success. Someone needs to shine a light on the reality that in America 1,500 pastors are leaving the ministry each month. This matters to God.”

James would love to hear from you. If he can’t help you personally, he will find someone who can. You can also visit his personal website by clicking here.

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